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Bought A Gig that I am not really happy with

I ordered a gig from a seller, and they delivered it. Only problem is, I didn’t like what they did. I actually had 3 other sellers do the same gig (it is a naming gig, so I figured I could get lots of different viewpoints). I found the other 3 somewhat satisfactory (I understand it is a difficult gig.). But this particular seller, I didn’t feel like they did a good job. So I asked them to redo it, and they kindly did. But I still do not like the work they did. On top of that, it seems like the original person (we’ll call him Bob) did not reply. Usually the seller ended their messaging with:

Best regards


This last time, they signed their name when they delivered the gig:

Best regards


Did they have some else do it? Why didn’t they tell me they had another person working with them? Or that they would be having another person consult with them? Are they even Bob? Or is the information they gave me from their profile a lie?

All-in-all. I do not feel good about this gig. Do I ask them to redo it? (I highly doubt that I will get anything I like from them.) Do I ask for a refund? Although they were very kind, I feel like I am being played.

It doesn’t sound like you were being “played” if the seller delivered your order, and especially if they treated you with kindness.

If it bothers you that your order was delivered by a different person, ask the seller about it.

Otherwise, ask for a modification, but try and be more specific about what you want. Explain specifically why you don’t like the names you were given, and try to give an example of what you’re looking for.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Look for sellers with a refund policy based on your satisfaction.

I’ll just leave this here…:wink: -

If they redid it, you should reward them for the effort by letting them keep their money, or you can demand a refund.

If you need an additional revision, order another gig, or hire someone else.

Reply to @valanne: Thanks! I get nervous about giving critics. I don’t want to offend the other person.