Bought and paid for a Gig yesterday, now Seller is telling me the cost is double


I have purchased a number of gigs previously without issues, but I purchased a gig yesterday and this morning I have a message from the seller with a bill for double the Fiverr advertised price telling me that the advertised price was a glitch in Fiverr. Something doesn’t seem right about this. So, do I cancel the order altogether, tell the seller to refund to the basic gig, or is this a normal thing with gig extras? Why would Fiverr set an incorrect price for a Seller, that makes the gig and the Seller seem like a scam.


I’d consider it a scam. Every seller with a $5 gig (now there are certain categories which allow higher price basic gigs), has to offer something for said price.
If what you ordered was covered in the seller’s $5 gig description (without extras), and the seller says it’s a glitch, I’d say he’s lying and I’d report him to CS.


This was a basic Gig and a $40 gig extra, now he’s telling me the gig extra is $80 not the $40 as listed in the gig extra’s. I think I’m going to tell him to just do the basic gig and refund back to my account for the Extra. I’ll see how the basic gig turns out and decide after that if I feel the Extra is worth the money. I’ve been burned before by a Seller that didn’t produce as advertised, so I’m not willing to fork out $80 on a Seller I haven’t worked with previously.


Sellers can’t make partial refunds, so you’ll have to mutually cancel the whole order, and place it again without extras.

pas2006 said: I'll see how the basic gig turns out and decide after ....
Well done, I think it's always a good idea to try with a basic gig first and if things go well, order more later.