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Bought something and I dont see it on the order page

Hello,I bought something and I don’t see it on the order page,I even asked the seller and they don’t see it either,I contacted support
how long do I have to wait for an order to appear on my account?
my paypal is charged


If your order is related to images you could ask your seller to send it to you in the dropbox link.
Same happens to me I delivered and the buyer didn’t receive the delivery than I send it in a dropbox link.

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Hi,thats not the problem at all,I cant even see anything on the order page,the order is not related to images either
I made a payment and I see it on paypal but its not o nmy order page here

hmmm than Customer support will help you in this, maybe the problem is in your profile.

All you can do is ask CS. I def. would not try another payment until it’s sorted. It’s probably a glitch in the system or in a holding pattern for some reason or another. Again, only CS can give you full details of the issue.