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Bought Suzuki Khyber Car from Fiverr Earning

I bought a Car(Suzuki Khyber) from Earning of fiverr… I bought this car in $2000. cars in pakstan are expensive. It was my dream to have a car and fiverr platform fullfil my dream and many other. i really thankful to fiverr and my buyer
here is think which made me to drive a car:


Wow… Congratulations… May Allah give you more success. :heart_eyes:

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Congratulations :grin:

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Perfect, may you have more and more.

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M.A Keep it Up and make More Cars

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Well done. I don’t care where in the world people are based.

If they are good people, selling a great service for a fair price (fair, not cheap) - then I will always want to encourage them.

Your story is inspirational. Continued success!


:+1: well done / deserved. I went grocery shopping :sweat_smile: (little bit less exciting).

Congratulations mate. Bigger one son.

Congratulations. I pray you will buy a house next with Fiverr money. I am next

Congratulations. :+1:

Alhamdulillah! Well done :+1:

I was about to say I’m happy for you, until I clicked on your gig and realized you advertise other designers work as your own.

Wow well done . Keep up the great work

Maria S.

Wait… what?? :rofl: