Brainstorm: How do you show your work on your Gig Page when your Gig isn't visual?


Gig® portfolios are possibly one of the most important elements you have to convince buyers to hire you for a job. We know that not all Gigs are visual, so how can you use the portfolio elements to your advantage?


I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing here, but I have started to make a screenshot of the best positive comment I have received and post it. :-?


@kjblynx, good point. What are your thoughts on adding text that describes the project to the video as the voice over plays? This way it isn’t blank and offers potential customers who are reviewing your portfolio more info on the work you do?


Reply to @kjblynx: I agree about the sound clip. The power of writing and in complete detail explain the service. Create the idea visually in their mind of what the service is and what it can do to help them.


I think that natalieab has a good idea here, and also kjblynx :slight_smile:



I think it depends on the gig. For example, I offer writing gigs but since I sign over all rights to my work one it is complete I’m not comfortable offering screen shots.

I tried videos that explained my service, but have had the most success with a friendly and relatable photo.