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Brand Logo in Gig Image

Hi everybody,

I have a 3D Product Rendering image of Model which I will be using for my gig. There is Coca-Cola Sticker on it. It’s soda can of coca-cola.
So, I want to ask that is it okay to use in my gig image? Is there any violation?
Image attached below…


Well this is a gray area of sorts.

From a copyright perspective, you can’t use it.

But on the other hand, it is something you made to demonstrate your skills and have it serve as a demo.

But this is definitely not a sample of actual past work, since The Coca Cola company clearly didn’t commission you to do this.

So my advice would be to not focus on the legal part, but on the demo part.

Is this the best image you can produce?


I can create more good looking. It was just a sample to upload here and see the suggestions.

So, I shouldn’t use it?

If you want to be 100% sure, change the logo.

Do you have a different fiverr profile? I can’t find your profile when I use your screen name.

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Thanks, I will change.

Yes, its different!

You are not allowed to have multiple Fiverr accounts.

Contact customer support and ask them to delete the one profile so you can keep the other one.

Otherwise you will get banned.


I am aware of it! My previous account was disabled by them due to some reasons (which they didn’t clarified), but instead they allowed me for new account.

@frank_d Now I used this one…

Faaar superior to the Coca-Cola one. Go with this instead.

I also believe you should edit the image, it won’t show well like this when looking at the thumbnail. I was thinking of putting the bottle on the side of the picture and then show a re-rendered zoom (maybe inside a circle or near some sort of border) in on the water droplets by the other side, like this:

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Thanks for your Great Suggestion!!

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I think the 3D image is a great example of your work, just change the logo on the can!
Make a fake soda logo or something.

@mattboa, Here now its look good!!!