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Brand new........and Scared!

I know almost nothing about this website, some help would really be valuable. Please help, im trying to make it so that this might be a viable way to make money

I would suggest reading the posts in the Tips for Sellers thread. Also, check out the Fiverr Academy at and the help articles at All combined there is a ton of really good information to be found. If you have specific questions for the forum that would help get answers.

It is indeed a viable way to make money. I read a ton of books about making money online and out of the ideas I got, this was the first one that made me any serious money and the only one that I still do with a fair amount of consistency. It really depends how much you are willing to learn and put into it, though. There are a lot of blogs and books out there saying that Fiverr is a get-rich-fast site and that is not true at all.

There is nothing to be too scared of. If you start out providing a good service that you can really do, start with low prices so that you and the buyer aren’t risking much, and offer really good communication you are off to a good start.

Just decide what you are good at and make a gig and see what happens.
Scared of what?