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Brand New Gig was Instantly Denied

I had a brand new gig removed for “suspicion of spam or fraud”.

This gig was to sell sales emails to Amazon sellers. I’m pretty new to Fiverr and have a couple gigs up and have already made my first sale on Fiverr.

However, I’m not new to freelancing or selling my services online and I’m dumbfounded as to what I had in there that flagged a “suspicion of spam or fraud”. The gig was literally to help write sales emails for people.

The only thing I can think of is I’ve had multiple scammers try to contact me and send me viruses or get me to do shady stuff and so I report their messages to Fiverr. Possibly this could have gotten my account flagged for new gigs. That seems insane but I don’t really know what else could have triggered this.

Does anyone know if there is a manual appeals process for denied gigs? Clearly mine shouldn’t have been denied and I’d like a human to take a look at it.


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Fiverr really, really dislikes gigs that are related to Amazon in any way. Some might stay up, but most won’t make it. Even the ones for product descriptions get taken down easily. Sorry to hear it, but you might have to try to word it differently (more generic) or just try another service to sell.


Sorry about the off-topic, but what happened to your profile? It looks like your profile was removed.

Wow it did remove my profile, right after finishing a 300 job for a client! They had a couple of questions they still needed help with too.

I just linked my account to payoneer today, maybe that has something to do with this.

This is insane. I’ve never experienced anything like this on another platform because I always deliver excellent work.

I think I found out why my first gig was flagged, and that’s because I mentioned my email series can help people get more reviews from their customers on Amazon. Which is a legitimate service and how most people sell it…but this has nothing to do with fake reviews or any spammy service like that.

As far as not liking Amazon services that isn’t it either. There are many highly reputable sellers here on Fiverr offering similar services and people who are Fiverr certified Pro.

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Also, I can’t sign in now…and it’s telling me to contact support if there is an error. There definitely was, but I can’t contact support with logging in?

Does anyone know how to contact them when you’re profile was removed.

You can do that by just sending them a mail at

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Thanks for the quick response.

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