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Brand New - The Man From H.E.L.P. M.E

Greetings people! I’m a new seller. The setup for gigs and prices is confusing to me. Can somebody PLEASE help me out in getting set up? Thanks in advance! I’ll give you a link to my podcast page.


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Welcome. First of all, you should remove your email address from the posting.
Second, there is a ton of information on this forum, and in the Fiver Academy.
Third, you might receive more responses if you have a specific question.
Fifth, going back to the first point, check out the Fiverr Terms of Service.
Sixth, good luck :grin:

How specific do I have to be? I don’t quite understand what’s supposed to go in all the squares in the setup process. No idea what to write in them. but I’ll look around. thanks for your help and subtle warnings :wink:

I’ll add in a Fourth - look around at others who sell the same kind of service for some ideas on what kind of detail should be included but DON’T COPY! :slight_smile:


LOL! Thanks!
Maybe I should include a seventh for myself: pay attention to details :joy:


I know not to copy. I know to make mine STAND OUT. thanks for the adivce :smile:

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