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Brand new to Fiverr Selling, but highly experienced. Feedback on profile appreciated!

Hello everyone,

I’m new on this platform but I’ve worked as a Video editor for over 10 years on a host of channels like National Geographic, Discovery, etc and wanted to try my hand at something completely remote :slight_smile:

Here’s the gig link:

Already got an order completed from Buyer requests even before gig was fully up, but it’s up now and I’d love it if anyone could share any constructive feedback! I’ve never yet found myself on search (expected). Does anyone have an idea of how many reviews/sales it takes to actually get listed on the first 2 pages? Even a rough estimate would help me a lot! Also, does the value of the orders matter?

Thanks a lot and have a great day!


Unfortunately, none of us can answer this, because Fiverr does not share the metrics that define their search algorithm. Fiverr does not guarantee that sellers will show up anywhere in the search results, so the best you can do is be a great seller, market, promote, bring in your own sales… and let the search algorithm do it’s thing. Perhaps, over time, your gig will rise to the first two pages. In all honesty, though, it’s best not to worry about the constantly rotating search results. The best you can do is to control the things YOU can control, and let the rest fall into place as it usually does.

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Ah. Got it. Thanks for your response! I kept wondering why top sellers would land on 3rd/4th pages sometimes. I’m guessing it’s to allow for some sort of parity between old and new sellers.

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