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Brand new to Fiverr!

Hi everyone,
Just want to say hello! I’m brand new to Fiverr so am really looking forward to learning from this great community. I have been reading the forums and looking for suggestions to getting gigs.


Hey there,

fiverr forum is very important to discuss about any issues that happens in fiverr. i just learned much more from the community. you will have the same experiences too.

ask me anything i will tell you according to my knowledge. really i don’t know that you are a seller or buyer. i would say, you will have nice experiences with fiverr. fiverr is my life.

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Welcome to Fiverr and welcome to the forum. You can start with the academy, visit the seller tips category in the forum as well. Read and implement.

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@katrinabui welcome to fiverr forum… Please visit fiverr forum…


Thanks all for the replies.

Just got this message from Fiverr. Feels like I’ve achieved something! Hahaha.

This badge is granted when you reach trust level 1. Thanks for sticking around a little while and reading a few topics to learn what our community is about. Your new user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.”

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This isn’t to make you any less excited but the message is from the Fiverr forum actually. As you become more active in the forum, you unlock more badges that in turn unlock new possibilities.

Welcome to Fiverr!

Welcome! I’m also new to fiverr. :slight_smile:

HI,I am new one fiverr…tell me how to improve my gigs

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Welcome to fiverr Katrinabui

Danitec - Welcome brother. There are lot of articles in fiverr forum. you can search and find those. Also there are more tutorial on youtube and blog.

give something high quality works. you will definitely gets more orders.