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Brand new with fiverr

I just posted my first gig today, although I worked on it for a couple days. I looked around, I haven’t seen anyone else do this (at least not anyone active) so I’m hoping that means I’ll get orders sooner than later, anyways would like to hear some input of what you think I could improve:

Tomorrow I’m actually off my main delivery job so I will do UberEATS and hopefully get some exposure, I will have this pic on the screen while driving around:

The “advertise here” text shakes a little bit to get more attention, and that link actually tracks visits so I can get a better scope of how many people see the ads.

Would appreciate any advice :slight_smile:


I’d check the legality of it in your state, in case they think the moving video (gif/video on the standard/premium packages) could be distracting to other drivers.


I know nothing about what´s allowed or not allowed as to advertisement in Texas but @uk1000 concern might be legitimate.

From the technical point, what will be the proof of delivery of your Gig?

Remark to consider: blur the type plate of the car in Gig´s video.


I’ve seen people here drive around using that Firefly big ass screen, this can’t possibly be more distracting than that lol

There’s not much I can think of to show proof of delivery except just sending a picture that your ad is up. And I’m not worried about the license plate, you can only get the car’s information with that.

Thanks for your input guys