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Brand New!

I have set up my Gig to the best of my ability, how can I tell if it is posted and if anybody is actually seeing it? Please help! Thanks in advance for your help

Go to “Dashboard”, check “Selling>My Gigs”. If you want to know the charts, check “Analytics”. I hope that helps.

Thank you, Webdatasolution! I did as you instructed and it does show my Gig as active. So even though I don’t see it when I search for my services provided, as a new entry, I guess I can presume that it is active and being seen?

New sellers and new gigs get rotated frequently so that they get a boost so I would guess without looking specifically for your gig that it is in heavy rotation as all new gigs are.
Still it takes some patience in the beginning. Sometimes lots of patience until you build a reputation for reliable service.

Thank you misschrystal, even though I have not actually seen my new Gig listed, I trust it is being seen and I understand, as you said, there is a lot of competition. Thanks for the help!