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Brandable software Programs Gather leads and have Viral Links Built-IN!

Gathering email leads just got easier with my software programs.

They have built-IN email capture with the activation/registration system and I also Offer

the ability to brand the internal links of the software with YOUR Links.

Perfect for affiliate marketers and those doing CPA just to name 2 ways you can use these.

Simply brand with your information and then give away copies.

Each time some one downloads they need to activate/register the copy.

Your webform is coded into the software so they go straight on your list.

(You then send the code in the first autoresponder message)

Branding tool is supplies as well as video training.

Custom Jobs are available, I can even use Your content if you like.

Here are the latest 2 of my gigs, more coming soon.

Look forward to sending you a powerful email lead gathering software title with built in viral marketing.