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Breach of commitment

This is my first experience with Fiverr. I had engaged ******** . based on his quick response but on the date of delivery he sends me a sample 3 pages of a 40 slide ppt… and then asks me for another 24 hours … As you know many of us use resources in Fiverr cause of our inhouse resource crunch… What can be done to prevent ********** making such wrong commitments to others who come to Fiverr as it puts Fiverr reputation in question… or are the providers in Fiverr generally unreliable

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Anyone can join Fiverr, so it can take time to find someone reliable.

Generally speaking, if you’re in a rush and have a super-important task, outsourcing that task to a random person on the internet might not be the best idea.


Hello @aynikalayil2016, I am sorry to hear about your experience on Fiverr. May I know the deadline you gave them to make the 40-page .ppt slides? There are some sellers who are new and desperate, and they typically would overpromise just to get an order.

Personally, if I have to work on that kind of project and with no other project at hand, it would take me anywhere between 10-15 days just so I have enough buffer time to edit and revise the slides since I tend to proofread my work several times. If the person quoted you anything less (and especially if their price is on the lower end), I wouldn’t trust that they would deliver on time.