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BREAD 🍞 🥖 🥙


Yg It is time for a little fun around here. I am going to start a game called BREAD.

  1. I will post a word and the next poster makes a word.
  2. The next poster takes the word and changes one letter, remove one letter or add one letter to make a new word.
  3. The game continues like that. But please only take one turn and let someone else post before you take the second turn.

I will begin with the word bread.


Let’s see if I get the rules right. :slight_smile:


Like that?


Yes! You got the idea! :heart_eyes:


Bleak :smiley:

Can we simply remove a letter? Or simply add a letter?


No, only change a letter.


Okay, I found one word, but then we would be stuck. Hmm, maybe we better be able to add or remove a letter. So go ahead, I will add that to the rules. :grinning:



(20 char)



– I just made it easy for you guys & gals, you’re welcome :sweat_smile:


CREEK as in a stream.



As in Apollo Creed.

Yo, Adrian!



and for 20 characters…



– careful people, I almost used “K”, which could have been flagged as it would be country-related :sweat_smile:


Greek :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There, I used the ‘K’ :smiley:



I just change G


You are supposed to change the last poster’s word - Greek.
And the new word must be a real English word. “Fread” is not.
Do you understand now?


WOW… There are so many human dictionaries around here.



The last word was Bleak though @wp_kid But I won’t spoil the fun


I just changed it. :slight_smile:


I thought the word Bleak was eliminated :smiley:


@ollydave and @wp_kid Thanks for going with it. I messed up the rules.