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Break from Fiverr & Back

I have been on and off on Fiverr due to University work. I recently took a larger break for a few months and haven’t received any messages or orders after weeks of activating. My last order was from someone who ordered after I was gone and it gave me a one star rating, my current is 4.9 (Any tips on how I can get it back to 5.0 or will it be stuck at 4.9?). I have always had very happy customers with what I do and I always try to over deliver and respond quick, after activating it feels like I no longer have the exposure as before as I haven’t received even a single message. :frowning:
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Unfortunately, as much as I hate to say this, it is true: You can’t leave Fiverr, and then come back a few months later, and expect to pick up where you left off. Fiverr is a fast-moving, competitive freelance services marketplace. While you were gone… things happened; new sellers moved up. Now that you’re back, you’re going to have to work hard to regain your past exposure.

Have you considered marketing and promoting your gig elsewhere (online and off)?

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Thanks for the response.
Ah, I see what the problem here is. I will try to be more active here.
As for promoting online and offline: I have only relied on my Gigs here and any messages I get.
What are some good places to promote? I can’t do it offline as I am from a remote region.

Well, you’ll want to find the places where your target customers reside. Where do they hang out online. Once you do a little research and find these places, you’ll have a good list of places where you can market and promote your services. Always reach out to your target customers. They are the only people who will purchase your services long-term.