Breaking in to a niche market!


Hello! I joined this site just yesterday and I am already finding it an incredible experience. Hopefully I can be a productive and positive member of this forum.

I have also made my own gig doing a rather niche sort of service, writing lore for things either in dungeons and dragons or other table top games or just things in general. For about four years I’ve played dungeons and dragons along with other games like it, which I used to hone my ability to make interesting lore for my creations. It’s my hope that I can get the ball rolling and get my name out there so others can have really cool lore to enjoy their stories with.


Hello, welcome Tyler, what a cool niche.

Roll the dice!



hello tyler
welcome for share your experience



I definitely hope to do well, I did some shopping around and felt that my prices are pretty fair, now I just need to develop those connections and show people that I can be a reliable person to order from so I can perhaps grow a customer base.