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Breast Cancer Donations


Hello everyone I will donate the revenue from this purchase towards a cure for breast cancer. This is a very strong subject for me because recently this year my mom passed away from breast cancer and I will do anything to make it so other people don’t have to go through what I did. I will appreciate any donations and thank you all for your support. May we some day soon, find a cure. So any donations will be greatly appreciated.


Reply to @matt_garry: I’m suspicious of charitable organizations, especially ones for cancer. I looked up CBCF, and according to their financials, they spend 37% of donations only to cover the costs of fund-raising AND 12% of donations to cover other administrative costs. They also have some highly paid staff. For example, two people in the organization that each have yearly salaries between $250-$300K, one with salary between $200k-$250K, and seven staff members with salaries between $120K-$160K. While I’m sure they do some good, what I would recommend is helping out on the local level. I have gone through cancer, I will always be so grateful to the people that dropped in to bring a home-cooked meal, or sometimes straighten up. I can’t express how much it meant for me. In my case, they were from a church. I’m not a member. But I had a friend that went there and they kindly decided to help me get by as a special project. :slight_smile: Anyway, if people just wanted to donate money, fund a pizza party in a nearby children’s cancer center, call local cancer treatment centers to see if they know of patients in need, etc…p.s. Just so you know - I’m fine now. No more cancer.


I sure appreciate the determination to help fight the cause =D> but I think it would be best for people to donate themselves *-:slight_smile: instead of going with a middle man. You dont want fiverr to take that 20% if it is for charity right?

Like this link right here!