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Bring Back Page Numbers on 'Orders Page'


The idea of Page Numbers on the open orders page was incredibly useful as I have some gigs that are on ‘speedy delivery’ which means I need to cycle through 5 or 6 pages to reach them. This has meant that I delivered some of the speedier gigs late, people aren’t complaining too much but it is kind of annoying to do. Any chance you could reinstate page numbers? I have no idea why they were removed in the first place anyway, seems a little bit obscure!


Didn’t even notice it went from the delivered gigs page either! It does seem like an odd feature to remove since I am sure many people rely on it.


100% agree :smiley: few days ago a buyer left a negative feedback for a gig i delivered almost a month ago. didn’t notice. so i had to go multiple pages back on completed gigs page to find which one is that :-w


Agreed! Its helpful and should be added!