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Bring back "Sort By Popular" [ARCHIVED]


When you did a search on a gig, there is a SORT GIGS BY

at the top…

Haz Video, Auto, New, By Rating, and Express Gigs are how you can sort the search results.

Fiverr used to have “By Popularity” and for some reason they did away with it.

I say Bring It Back !!

Anybody with 1 thumbs up has good ratings.

Anybody can create an express gig.

Everybody has video nowadays.

New ? That could just mean "Inexperienced"

Fiverr please let us sort by Popularity. "I’ll have what she’s having"

The most ordered and most popular gigs should have a showcase !


That must have been before my time but it sounds like a winner to me


No that was here not long ago. And I think if it was removed it was because they were having trouble with the algorithm.


Oh okay, I just got my invite this week but glad I am here now


Another cool one would be to sort by “most sold”