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Bring Back The Queue!

The new layout looks great, sure, but there is one very crucial element missing. Yep, you guessed it: the queue. Look fiverr peeps, I think we can all agree the new layout has kicked our sales in the preverbal family jewels, but in my opinion, many are missing the reason why. The layout itself isn’t a problem.

It’s the absence of the queue.

The most underrated item on a fiverr gig, the queue, is perhaps one of the most important draws for buyers, even more so than gasp dare I say, the social ‘favs’ that are taking precedence now. And the reason why is simple.

Human nature.

Like it or not, we tend to herd ourselves. We go with the crowd. If a bunch of people look up at the sky, you will too. It’s written in our very code. The queue is the herd.

People see the number of items being worked on and say: “Oh! This person is super busy, he/she must be good! I want to buy from them!” This mentality helps snowball sales. If it wasn’t for the queue, I probably wouldn’t be getting the amount of orders I have now, or have been given the chance to build creditability. My fiverr career effectively started when a buyer bought 4 of my gigs at a single time. My queue showed four. An hour later I got another buyer. Two hours later 3 more buyers ordered. By the end of the night I had 13 orders in my queue, and keep in mind that I’d only had around 5 orders TOTAL for the two months prior. After that night, the rest was history.

The queue gives new sellers the chance to rise, and veterans the chance to thrive. If Fiverr is concerned about newbies being left in the dust, then create new and innovative ways to push them forward. I’m sure you (the fiverr team) can think of something.

The Queue is all. The Queue is life.


It isn’t completely gone. There appear to be 2 active layouts flipping on and off. One has it and the other doesn’t. I’m more concerned by the fact that the second (newer) layout has very limited formatting in the gig descriptions, because apparently Fiverr have decided we need less ways to communicate what we offer.

Oh, this should probably go in the Suggestion Box. :slight_smile:

Reply to @mystic_insight: I agree with mystic_insight!

I completely agree with this but for a different reason, if I make a sale but have 10 orders in the queue, I then have to explain this to my buyer myself, at least when they can see the queue they know when they are purchasing they may have to wait a little while before delivery.

Reply to @mystic_insight: I agree with you on the gig extras. The new layout is actually more streamlined, but leaving the queue wouldn’t be that difficult. To each his/her own i guess.

Reply to @inkpetal: Haha, yea, that actually might have been a better place.