Bring back the Translation Pairs setting


I cannot understand why I even need to say this but here we go.
For the past 18 months or so, the Translation category has had a setting where sellers could set what translation pairs they wanted the gig to show up for (eg. English to German, Swahili to Brazilian Portuguese etc).

This was logical and avoided any errors where buyers see search results showing a seller who only translates Italian to English but the buyer selected English to Italian. It also stopped what is currently happening - completely incorrect results showing such as when I searched for English to French and a German to English gig showed up!

The feature was removed a couple of weeks ago (without any notification, explanation or suggestion to change gigs to ensure they were even clearer in what they offered) and many gigs seem to have stopped showing up in search results.
My own translation gig does not show up in search results for ANY language pairs, despite it being up for almost 2 years, being my bestseller and having over 300 reviews. I have been trying to get this sorted out for 3 weeks now and it is still not showing up no matter what I do. I am sure there are many others who did not notice and are assuming they have just been a victim of the algorithm tests or something else.

Please Fiverr, put this back the way it was, there was no good reason to change this - from a buying point of view it is frustrating to search for gigs and see incorrect ones at the top of results or even not notice and order or contact the seller only to then be told that they don’t offer that service. Come on, let common sense win on this one.

Mods and Fiverr Staff - Curious about if / how feedback from the forums is fed back to Fiverr support / product development
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Yes! Please, Fiverr, take a look at this. With search far from working perfectly and other bugs and issues, anything that makes it easier and faster for buyers, or at all possible even, to find the right gig for their project, before they click away in frustration, helps. Us all.


Delighted to say that the Translation Pairs setting was brought back as of August 1 - meant to update this sooner but forgot.
All Translators should check their Metadata and ensure their gigs have the correct language pairs selected!


Bring back the old agorithm and bring back only “starting as” prices too.


I’ll get right on it :wink: