Bring me sales and get 20% commission from my side :)


If any order comes through your recommendation i’ll give 20% of the made income to that person .


you can’t do that. The moment you mention payments or paypal to anyone on fiverr you are going to get banned as this is in breach of the TOS and there is no way you can practically do this.


thanks then maybe get me 4 orders and i’ll order your gig…how’s that!


I think you would be better off going on forums (not this one!) and offering people commission for sales, or advertising on classified sites, but I am afraid I do not think its going to work on here where people are more concerned with getting sales for their own gigs than promoting other peoples and poses possible problems with the fiverr TOS and you are going to find it hard as it is to get anyone on here to promote a gig with a 50% rating, regardless of the reason for it.


i have many other gigs too…by the way hats off to you saw your gig…awesome sales … great hardwork implemented :slight_smile: