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Bring Out The "TIP" Button

Bring Out The “TIP” Button

Who agrees?

I’d rather have an easy tip button than a tip gig. I think more people would realize it was an option that way.

Reply to @kjblynx: I agree. I have a tip gig and it has worked out very well.

Reply to @jtengle: I actually agree with you, a tip button would give buyers that choice, because they would rather see a tip button on the order page than a tip gig on your profile considering that most buyers find your gigs using search or Fiverr home browsing instead of watching profiles.

I’ve had many buyers tell me something along these lins: “I would send you a tip if I would know how”, and I had to redirect them to my tipping gig, whereas a tipping button would certainly be visible to all buyers and thus you’ll be more likely to get more tips :wink:

It would be Great :slight_smile: actually agree with you!

The problem with the tip as a gig is you don’t always tip at the start, you tip at the end of a project/gig. There is no easy way to navigate back to the tip gig. My vote is for a real process for tipping.

Totally agree!