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Bring the gig on first page

What is the best method to visible the gig on First page ?


By working on keywords and to make it more attractive

I have changed my keywords 4 days ago.but nothing effective.

it is not like an on/off switch, it is like a ladder to rise up gradually. improve your response time and spend more time on this forum to read others post who has the similar to this query. Hope your efforts bring you at top of search results!

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All people have same answer.i have read the most of the answer of similar question.and i follow their instruction and change the keywords according to the fiverr search.but Honestly it does not work.

Are you earning here? if yes than you no need to be worried for it. and if your answer is “No” then enroll yourself to fiverr free course It will definitely help you to get higher ranking


Yes i am earning here.i am not new.I have been earned almost $ 8000.But i am still not understanding how the fiverr algorithm work.When was i have no level.The buyer were contacting me too much.but i am on level 2 now.and there are very less buyer contacting to me.

Doesn’t it sounds like people has more attraction for new users?

The only way is with sales. No other thing will rank your gig.

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There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr and only 48 of them fit on the first page.

Fiverr rotates the gigs that appear on the first page according to their secret algorithm. No one has the :key: to the secret of how the first page gigs are chosen.

If you promise to tell me the best method of ranking on the first page if you discover it. I promise to tell you the method if I find it. :wink:


I think you are Right.I have tried all method.But only work that fiverr want.

I’ve been a TRS for some time, and I’ve seen cases where my gig appeared on the third page or even further back, then it will go back to the first page, and repeat.
I’ve come to a point where I don’t even care where my gig is. Bottom line is if you are doing well, people will always come and search for you no matter where your gig is placed :slight_smile:


wow great. it’s really helpful.