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Bring your past clients to Fiverr to give you a boost


NOTE: This post is meant for Fiverr newbies who have plenty of experience outside of Fiverr, but struggling to get their first order on this platform.

Recently I’ve seen quite a few responses saying that in order to get sales you should

  • share your gig on social media
  • bid on buyer requests
  • be patient

Well, a new user doesn’t see as many buyer requests as some of the experienced sellers and if you don’t have followers on social media or you’re not great at marketing then it might take a while before someone even notices your gig.

So what should you do?
If you have years of experience and you’ve worked with a number of clients outside of Fiverr then probably the easiest step is to reach out to some of your old clients.

It doesn’t mean you have to bring all your clients to Fiverr. Just a few will be enough to build up your credibility while you’re learning how to market yourself on Fiverr.

Why should you bring your clients to Fiverr?

  • Simpler vetting process - You can pick only the clients that you liked working with in the past. Besides, it’s much easier to sell your service to someone who has ordered from you before even if it was outside of Fiverr. They don’t care that you have 0 reviews on Fiverr. They already know the quality of work.
  • Boost your ranking - you’ll get a ranking boost every time you deliver an order which means Fiverr will help you find new clients. You just need to prove that you can actually deliver.
  • Increase credibility - one of the first things buyers look for are the reviews. It’s much easier to get a review from one of your regulars. Although make sure you don’t ask for a positive review. Your buyer should be able to leave an honest review without you telling them what kind of review they should write.

What if they pick someone else?
Of course there is a risk that your client might find someone else on this platform. However, if you outline the project scope and present the proposal before you bring them to Fiverr, you will significantly lower that risk. The only difference for the buyer should be using a different platform. At the beginning, you can cover the Fiverr’s cut and slowly increase your prices when you start getting new clients.

In a nutshell, if you don’t know how to market yourself on social media then start with your connections outside of Fiverr and bring some of them over here to get you started. In worst case scenario, your new Fiverr family will get those customers and sharing is caring :wink:

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Let me know what is the problem
In the last 7 months I did not get one job, henceforth

Isn’t it risky, though? If you bring someone you already know to Fiverr, and you get a review from them, it can be seen as review manipulation.

Or do you recommend to bring past clients to Fiverr, but warn them not to leave a review?


Why would it be review manipulation?
You simply offer your service on Fiverr. The Fiverr TOS still applies. You’re not asking for positive reviews.
It’s just more likely to get a good review from someone you’ve worked with before. You wouldn’t invite clients here that were difficult to work with in the past :slight_smile:

Instead of sending your invoice through PayPal, Stripe or whatever you use, you tell your clients that let’s do the next order through Fiverr. You just use a different platform.

New and looking for a gig review

If I remember correctly, it’s allowed to sell your services to friends and family, if they actually need them, but they shouldn’t leave a review. I thought that it might be the same with the past clients, because you already know them outside of Fiverr, too.


I highly doubt that. The whole point of BYOB was to get your outside clients to Fiverr

If they leave you a review then that’s absolutely fine. Buyer’s experience is no different to a regular flow.


Yes I have had customers outside Fiverr.

Yes I try to bring them to Fiverr as it is safe place for me and I feel I am protected by Fiverr.

But Main question is can we contact them outside Fiverr once we bring them here. as it is against TOS.

can we take one job here and then outside (if customer ask) will it violate TOS


I hope you’re right. I’ve heard some weird stories, so just wanted to clear that up. :slight_smile:


You can ask from CS to be sure.
I for example brought over 3 clients who usually have small maintenance tasks for me so I’m OK keeping them on Fiverr.

You don’t need to bring over your most valuable customer. Start with smaller clients


As much as I’m sure Fiverr would love this, it would kind of be a raw deal for me and my outside clients:

  • Hey, buy from me here and pay $2 more for every order!
  • If you do, I can then wait an extra 2-weeks for your payment to clear AND pay 20% commission on your order as well as tax!
  • Should you move to Fiverr with me, you’ll be able to benefit from instant exposure to 1,000’s of my competitors

I just can’t see any advantage personally.


Yes, still far too risky with regard to the communication situation. I have a dedicated email address I use for communication with off-Fiverr clients. Bringing them to Fiverr would basically necessitate me cutting off all contact just to stay safe.


Personally I wouldn’t bring my personal clients to Fiverr, the same way I don’t want to bring my clients from Fiverr outside here.

I feel it would devaluate my personal brand outside Fiverr, and even if I’m able to charge my normal rates here then I would still not be inclined to bring them here for the reason mentioned above by cyaxrex. It just seems a lot of hassle for a boost on the search results.

But I fully agree with your point about people claiming to have X years of experience in their field and relying solely on Fiverr’s gig placement.


Yes. Plus there are Fiverr competitors currently offering 0% commission on sales from clients brought over to their platform. - Where incidentally, off-platform communication is not an issue.

Realistically, if Fiverr wants to encourage sellers to promote Fiverr to their own clients, they need to first tackle the local fear culture. This and revamp the communication rule rule book, while granting some clear assurances to sellers that they are protected from things like automated account suspensions.



You’re not a newbie complaining about lack of orders either :wink:


Same response. You don’t need a boost in Fiverr. :slight_smile:
This post is meant for newbies asking how to get started and spamming on social media.


I can see the merit in that. I’d be happy to create a landing page and promote my Fiverr profile to redirect new prospects to Fiverr at a 0% comiision rate. And guess what: People who need a website often need graphic design, content creation, SEO…


I wouldn’t mind a boost though…just not in the current terms.

I still feel the best place to get started is the buyers requests section. I’d say 80% of my earnings come from repeated buyers that I got there…and guess where I learned about the BR section -right here on the forum.

But as long as we have posts with ‘the best proposal for any kind of request’ that won’t help…whether is Social Media, BR or past clients.


I think after the recent change it has become a lot more difficult for newbies. They don’t see as many requests anymore as they used to. It’s still a good place if you know how to sell your gig, but right now I think past clients are easier for a Fiverr newbie. Of course you might need to lower your prices and whatnot, but random SM vomit and limited BR probably have lower conversion.


I actually started on Fiverr at its current state, so going to level 1 took me not only 10 completed orders, but also $400 earned…$500 really when you take Fiverr’s cut.

Back when I was using BR the most requests I saw at once was, I kid you not, 14 requests. It took a lot of refreshing, reading, quoting, writing.

That doesn’t mean you are not right about BR, but it’s possible if you’re willing to put in some (real) work into it.


Of course. I’m sure most experienced sellers don’t need help in writing appealing offers, but I believe for a Fiverr newbie it’s actually easier to get first orders from past offsite clients.

The reason I posted it under ranting pot is because I often see new sellers claiming to have 5+ years of experience or calling themselves as experts, yet they act as lost puppies on Fiverr :slight_smile:
If you don’t know how to promote yourself on social media, you don’t know what BR is or you’re complaining about visibility then probably the easiest step is to bring your own clients to get you started.
However, this means you actually have clients and you’re not just putting 5+ years on your profile to sound more credible. I’m sure this is the case for some.


This is great - adding it to my master resource post for new sellers.