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Broadband Shared IP


I am a seller and I am using my modem which gives me a real IP. But suddenly I want to get broadband connection in my home but the main problem is If I take the broadband line then I will have to take a Shared IP.

If I use any shared ip will that be good or bad for my account?

Is there anyone who is using fiverr with a broadband Shared IP?

Many people are using broadband Shared IP connection so they may be also using fiverr with that. And if I also take a shared IP and someone is also using fiverr with that IP will there be any problem with my Fiverr Account?

Thank you.


i don’t know much.what i know is “1 pc 1 fiverr account”
best of luck…


Hi,its shared connection on board band.n notta shared IP add.each clients have it’s own unique IP add.which different from another users on shared boardband connections.


Thank you everyone…

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It’s completely wrong.

1 person 1 account is the correct.

or if I had 10 computers I could have 10 seller accounts, but this is not allowed.


From what I know shared IP is constantly circulated among other users in your network every time you reset your router. That might be a problem for your account if by any chance another Fiverr user hooks up on the same IP one day. Get a Static IP.

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Be careful! One person one account is correct. But you may get punished for TOS violation even if you follow that rule, but multiple persons sharing one computer:

Like in the case linked above, two persons were having one account for each person but using the same internet connection. One account got locked, and there is nothing the account holder can do about it.

So my advice is to only use one account per internet account / IP. Having a shared IP Broadband connection is no problem, but accessing two Fiverr accounts with this single broadband connection can cause an account to be locked.

Up until now, I do did not hear about any case where it caused problems by using a shared IP broadband connection in general.