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Broaden my gigs

I need help creating more gigs so I could be more diverse and get more customers
My skills:

  • Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint
  • Creative Writing (stories, poems, drama)
  • Shirt designing (also sells shirts)
  • Engineering drawing (idk if buyer would like that)

From these skills, what else could I do? :thinking:


Like for example, other than helping people writing stories, what can I do with my writing skills?

What kind of writings do you know how to do apart from the poems? You can create a Gig in the “Writing and Translation” category and the subcategory that suits your skills.

You can make a Gig of poems and stories or write a document for someone, in short, uncover your creativity! show us who you are and all you can do! :+1:

You’ll have your first order soon, I know, you’ve got great Gigs, you’re good and dedicated at your job too. :sunglasses:

So sell my work to other people is what you’re saying? :thinking:

Yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to do here at Fiverr. You offer everything you know how to do for a very good quality, excellent communication and an affordable price for everyone! how does this look? Need anything special?

It’s a good idea for a gig, though since it’s a writing gig I’d check and double check the spelling/grammar in the gig description and package descriptions.

In the gig description it says “is guarantee big bucks!!” and “Start of with”.
The premium package says “Finish you journey”.

But I do think it’s a gig that could do well. You could also create other, different writing gigs.

Thank you for seeing those errors!

Like what? I’m up for anything
And I also make a book cover gig

The book cover gig is also a good idea if you can create good designs.
It might be a good idea to change the gig image though. You could show example book covers that you’ve designed so they have an idea how their cover could look.

You could also say how it is compatible with various book formats (eg. ebooks/print books/createspace/KDP).

Like what? I’m up for anything

Just look what doesn’t seem to have much competition (without copying anyone else’s gig) or what competition there is is very high priced. ie. look for a niche where there aren’t lots of sellers doing the same thing, but something that would be wanted at a reasonable price.

I just did with the new survey subcategory! I can’t wait for the orders

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