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Brodband line 2 fiverr account


Do I want to know that the same broadband line can be run on account of 2 fevers?


It is really hard to tell exactly what you are asking. I’ll make my best guess.

  • One person cannot have two or more Fiverr accounts at all. It is against the rules.

  • Two or more people who share the same broadband line can have separate accounts with separate payment methods as long as they sell in different categories. However, if you are on the same line, you will probably get blocked unless to get Customer Support to give you permission to set up the accounts. If they don’t know for sure it is more than one person, they will automatically block you.

If those don’t cover your question, you’ll have to write it in a different way.


He asks if he wants to know something. He is the only person who can answer that.


Well, he also barely wrote anything sensible and he let autocorrect decide on “fevers” I suppose, so I think it’s pretty obvious he can’t communicate well in the language he attempted. Regardless, I think I probably guessed at what he was attempting to say. :roll_eyes:


Not really then fiverr can banned both account.


This has already been said.