Broke 100K! Next stop - the Internet


My gig just surpassed 100K impressions for the past 30 days, which I never could have imagined?? These past sixth months have been a whirlwind and I’m super grateful for the opportunities I’ve been presented on this platform :slight_smile:

Anyone broke 150 or 200K? I mean, I know impressions don’t mean much if you’re not converting sales - but it’s still impressive haha.


My best seller gig’s impression is 191k.


WoW, that’s a impressive statistics, and you have a lot of order on queue too :hugs:. My best gig’s 30 days impressions 7k only :roll_eyes:




How much orders you have completed on that gig


That’s awesome. I had been eyeballing mine for a couple weeks hoping to break 100 and I got 110 today which was a nice surprise haha.


I think it’s over 900.


How you have promoted your gig can you share please


that’s remarkable, how old is this gig?


It’s 6 months old :slight_smile:


To be honest, I haven’t done any outside marketing. I received a boost with Fiverr’s algorithm change back in May which helped me build a great reputation with clients. I would say over half my work is return customers or referrals by clients right now. Word of mouth has been a great asset for me.


this is great news. What is your gig about?


I offer typographic tshirt designs!


My main gig also cross so many times 120K but now a days its 70k for last 30 days .