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Reply to @elliott22x: Today- really? Think about this.

I follow you around for a day, record you talking. I resell that for $500? …I have not done that. That mysterious man was just mysterious.


You can’t post your link because it is attempting to sell your services away from Fiverr :confused:

Also customers can order bigger gigs from you. They can order as many gigs from you as they like to bring it up to whatever you are charging.

elliott22x said: You guys are Nazi's....

Actually, Nazis practiced genocide and other atrocities. Fiverr is trying to run a private business in a way that makes them money by co-ordinating the exchange of money for artistic and/or technical services. Not exactly the same thing . . .


It seems some people can justify any behavior. I had NO problem when I was level two getting people to do multiple orders to make up a $700 order.