Broken Message - Dashboard - Notifications - EVERYTHING


Anyone else having issues with everything on Fiverr? When I click on Messages it takes me to the Error Page, notifications aren’t updating, and the dashboard is showing delivered orders. Anyone experiencing this?


Yes, kind of. I occasionally keep being redirected to a ‘no content’ page. Blasting through my last order in queue now in case of problems.


It’s same there! I just delivered one order and I can see it still there on my dashboard.


Even the phone app is messed up right now. I have two messages I need to respond. @drashkos how are the messages? Are they working for you?


@ssj1236 Here is how the messages page header looks


So it’s an issue with everyone, great.


It’s nice to be in everything together though. That’s what community is about.


Not really. Sometimes I get an error message, but when I click again, it works fine.


Yes. But now sometimes works because I think Fiverr team is working to solve it :slight_smile:


Or the problem will be more difficult to solve, because some people experience one thing, some experience another, for some it works just fine…


No. I don’t think it will be difficult because the system works same for all users but all depends on time when users are trying to do something and also I think if you have many messages it will be more difficult to open but if you click on messages with few lines it will work better.


My inbox isn’t working. So far that’s it.


I am facing same problem.


Orders that I’ve delivered are visible on the dashboard whereas my clients can still send me messages. I was just concerned whether there was something wrong on my end.


I have been facing this for last couple of days, now getting worst.


Messages and notification are not opening on Laptop and mobile app too. :sob:


I might be lucky(?) That I have no orders right now. I had to put up mostly long delivery times for a bit. The other changes had not heavily affected my sales, but my own life did!

I have a blank page for messages and notifications but I have 2 orders open as a buyer and I can see those normally on my order pages.


I have one order and I can not see it!!! What is happening about tic tac???
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