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Broken Order Process and Unable to manage account

Fiverr refused to recognize my account, ‘marktreble,’ and I had to create a new one, marktreble121. My first order under the new account would not permit me to upload an attachment, and the order was delayed entering the queue until I could. My second order got a “thank you,” a request to complete my order, and a link to see my order.

I can’t see the order, because Fiverr finally recognizes my first account, and won’t let me log int,o the second account. Also, the freelancer sent me an email acknowledging that the order request was complete.

I am a technology-savvy customer, and can recognize a broken order process when I see it. The process went into a loop on the first (can’t upload) order; on the second one, Fiverr sent two contradictory messages: the order request was incomplete and the order request was complete.

I have an active order under a new account Fiverr required me to create, and now Fiverr only recognizes the original account, the one it refused to recognize earlier. Thus, I currently have a paid order request I cannot see because Fiverr refuses to acknowledge the existence of the account that placed it.

Both accounts used the same email address, which should have set off alarms. Instead of alarms, it set off a fire in my ability to use Fiverr.

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I am a new seller, but the problem may be that you say,

Having more than one account is against TOS so that is why you may be having issues.


I am sure it is against TOS, and was done at Fiverr’s request. A second account using the same email address as the first account would be highlighted by most modern systems.

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All you can do is speak to CS again to try to get them to help you sort it all out - good luck!


I am confused? You say,

and yet you made a second account anyway? AND Fiverr requested it!


I’ll bite. Contacting CS was my first choice, but how to do so appears to be in ‘stealth’ mode on the website. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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The link’s at the bottom of every page on the main Fiverr site - here it is:

Good luck! :sunny:

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I had looked there before. Every choice I saw was for on-line solutions. I searched for “contact,” not found. Did find “submit request” this time around, submitted request.

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