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Broken Time Counter


Broken Time Counter. This probably has to do with the other bug on orders I clicked to cancel months ago that are still ticking down and keep adding time. This time I submitted an order for delivery and my counter of time went from 23 hours, down to 35 minutes. This means that if the buyer for whatever the reason rejects the order, I’ll have 35 minutes to make the changes rather than the original 23 hours. This in my opinion is obviously a pretty major bug which of course i’ll report but chances are they won’t do anything again. Just wanted to warn some users in regards to this potentially happening to them. This happened on my 24 hour delivery gig, I don’t know if that’s of any relevance. Anyone else experience something like this where the time counter jumped down to next to nothing after delivery?


I agree, and put it in the can not fathom why it’s still happening basket. I found with the one I had issues with it was a 24 hour one also - the buyer didn’t submit the file to be transcribed. The clock on the gig page goes back to 24 hours, on your to do list, it shows actual time to go (ie if it’s 12 hours into a 24 hour gig, it shows 12 hours). How can this be? We need all info to be able to complete a gig and I certainly can not transcribe audio or video that hasn’t been sent to me! This and also that the mutual cancellation is on the sellers side of things if the buyer doesn’t respond does not sit well with me.