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Brought a PREMIUM package but order is saying STANDARD

Hi Guys, purchased a PREMIUM GIG. Paid for the PREMIUM PRICE. Fiverr is telling me i paid fo rthe
standard. Onl Seller screen is shows $0. Whats going on? Can someone help me?
order number #FO8148C902F04

You haven’t attached the screenshot showing where it shows $0, but for payment issues/bugs the best thing is to contact CS through a support ticket.

Maybe check the email confirmation you received about the order to see what was purchased (you could screenshot that eg. to show CS in the support ticket). Maybe it’s something to do with the displayed currency (you could try viewing in USD).

Hi, see attached below.

Seller is showing $0. Nothing do do with Currency.

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Try contacting support with a support ticket with the link above though as they should be able to solve it.