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Brought CAR & Foreign Tour Vacation to fiverr earnings :) :) :)

Hello friends,
I would like to share my success story with you all.

I had joined fiverr around 3 years ago and my fiverr journey was little slow in the beginning.
After i read fiverr forum tips and academy for increase my gig selling. I Started self advertising my gig on all social platform.

Result was, I start receiving orders regularly. I do deliver job on time, and tried to provide quality work more than buyers expectations.

Now i have been sold 1000+ gigs within last 3-4 months and got best earnings.

Recently i did foreign tour with great experience of vacation. BIG NEWS - i brought brand new CAR in this week to fiverr earnings.

my best wishes with all sellers.



Well, beats my live-in Ukrainian escort. At least your car won’t try to escape through the bathroom window when you’re out at the store. Good move.


I have no idea how to respond to that…LOL

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Its a Great move. Congratulations…

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Great :slight_smile:

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Good luck

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very good job, I like it

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