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Browser showing increased gig prices


My browser is showing increased gig prices since yesterday. I can’t find my gig too in the list. Is it a bug or me settings are messed up?


Check if you had inputted any value in here-


Here is what actually happened. Fiverr started recommending 2nd or 3rd package in the front page.


I just opened the same gig from “Youngceaser” and I don’t have anything like that-

You should contact Fiverr Customer Service. :slight_smile:


You think my account might have an issue?


No I think they are rolling out and testing new marketing plan.

They might be trying to deviating from the “We only sell $5 stuff” campaign.


That makes more sense rather, thanks @djgodknows.


@djgodknows sadly this feature is perhaps already released. I can also see that when being in Incognito. Perhaps it’s time to drop the “GiG Packages” and take in “Extras”…

Your $5 gig between all $20-50 gigs, I am sure it will sure give good result. What do you think?


Correct, $5 would indeed look fantastic amongst the higher up priced items.

However, if Fiverr wants to start this new move away from the $5 gig marketplace, they need more than a DOer campaign to achieve that.