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Browser Tabs out of control

Is there any way to stop all the new tabs opening whenever I click on links in Fiverr? I find after browsing some sellers and click on some my sales statistics and maybe check out the forums I find I have 10 open tabs all from Fiverr! This has got to stop, it is annoying and is affecting my browser and computer performance having all these unnessecary tabs open.

If there is a preference I can change in Fiverr I would love to know it.

These aren’t popups, these are just Fiverr opening certain pages in a new Tab. It’s not an issue with all the other sites I browse. If I click on my Gigs and then click Edit and then click back to Sales and then maybe search some other Gigs I end up with multiple Tabs.

It is not a virus on my Mac and it’s not a setting in Chrome or Safari, it is programming on the website that invokes a new windows or tab when clicking on certain links. This can often be a marketing strategy to try to keep people on their site by leaving a bunch of open tabs in the hopes that they might start browsing again when they find one of the open tabs.

Thanks for you suggestion though.