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How to negotiate with buyers at beginner level ? Kindly share your valuable suggestion. Looking forward.


Why do you need to negotiate if you have your prices in your gig?

Even as a level 2 seller I never negotiate with clients. I have my clear pricing in my gigs and they just order it.

If you want to negotiate higher price than in your gigs then your clients might feel that you are cheating them.


Thank you for your valuable suggestion.


This isn’t about a negotiation. When you do that you lower the value of the service in the buyer’s mind. Then you will be attracting buyers who want to cheat you or take advantage of you and cause problems.

Just set a price and stick to it. Seeming to be so desperate that you will lower your price isn’t a good way to offer a service.


By the passage of time you may learn many things with precious :heart: experience.

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@mariashtelle1 I guess this depends on the requirements of the clients or job type. Like for Writing gigs, if you write per words, then the price can be fixed for certain amount or words.

As for me I do UI/UX development and Web Animations and the budget always depends on what they need. How many elements are there on a page, what type of animation is needed, how many page and also how long each pages are. So my gig prices always varies and I guess buyer will also make up their mind depending upon the task, my clients do usually ask me for budget, whatever my gig price be.

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If it depends on the # of elements, type of animation, and # and length of pages, that should be just as fixed as word count. Of course you can say easy stuff is +$5 and hard is +$10, but that’s still fixed.


Nope I don’t think that it can be quantified.

If I state my UI dev quote per # of pages:

Let’s say 1 page for $200 for a page, now client may say he just have a page to develop, but again a page can contain a lot of things, not just design also functionality. So I’ll have to ask them # of elements, features and all the things it might have.

Also if I state my animation quote per # of elements:

Let’s say if clients say I’ve one elements to be animated, but it will differ whether it is just a button or a large shape, whether it can be done with just CSS or if it needs JavaScript animation.

Probably clients also can’t be sure, so I don’t think everything can be shown in Fiverr’s tier system.


I’m saying you can quantify, not the client. I’m sure it’d be harder to do it before communicating, of course. You obviously have classifications for what they want and can calculate a price based on that. I doubt you’d be inconsistent and charge one client $100 for what you charged another $50.


What works for me is to always discuss the requirements first.

And yes there is a chance to be inconsistent but for that I always calculate my work in hourly basis, I evaluate the work and how much hours it might take. In some cases I do tell my clients how many hours it might take.


HI, Thank you for your reply and give me such precious guidelines.


Adeeb Arshad

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