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Budget is Tight

I have someone from an extremely large company who told me their budget for $50 work is $20. They got me to go down to $25, I am a new seller and need orders. I didn’t know it was a large company until I looked it up, when I found out it is indeed a very large company, and I’m sure they can afford $50. Any advice? I offered $25 but they haven’t ordered yet. I feel bad because they lied to me.

Why? It is not like the buyer made you do all the work and then canceled/got the order refunded.

I am sorry that your interaction with the buyer didn’t end in you receiving an order yet, but buyers have the freedom to enquire about any service they find interesting and then just walk away for no reason at all.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up just because someone inquires about my gigs/services. It may or may not convert into an order. :man_shrugging: So, I don’t understand why you would feel cheated.


They didn’t walk away yet, but I guess better wording would be that I feel lied to(I edited og post). It’s just one order, it’s not a big deal, but I hate it when people lie to me that they don’t have money and then it turns out its a big company with a lot of money. Also they said they are ordering in a few hours.

You’re making a VERY big assumption here. Just because the person works for a big company (that has a huge turnover), it doesn’t necessarily mean that this person has a huge budget to spend. Maybe they only have a budget of $25 to spend on a gig on Fiverr.

Besides, whether or not your buyer is lying to you about their budget shouldn’t be of any concern to you. If your buyer is interested in your gig and knows the worth of your service, they will be willing to pay the price that’s advertised in your gig.

You might come across some buyers who may not be able to afford your gig and might ask for a discount or w/e. If I were in such a situation, I’d just politely inform the buyer that I am probably not the right person to work with them on their project. I stay as far away as possible from such people because they are definitely trouble. I wouldn’t want to work with them.


You would be surprised how cheap buyers from big companies can be. Sometimes the person you are dealing with is able to put into their own pocket the amount they can save.

It doesn’t matter if the buyer is from a big company. All that matters is whether or not you want to deal with someone who is that thrifty, as it can be an experience which is frustrating.