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Buer Request frequency questions :)

Hey guys! Since I am very new to Fiverr and I have been seeing a lot of threads on the forums recommending buyer requests for beginners, I was wondering how frequent you would say buyer requests are. I have gigs related to photoshop and photo editing and have seen one request for the time I have been here. Do they tend to be rare, or does this have to do with the category your gigs are in? Thank you! Cheers! :smiley:

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Anyone maybe? :sweat_smile:

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It depends on your services and level. When I was on level 1 I saw maybe 10+ requests per day, but now on level 2 it’s close to 50 per day.

More popular categories probably get more requests per day.

Thanks for replying! :smiley: So basically the buyer may select the level of the seller, right? So the higher the rank the more the offers I suppose :slight_smile:

I suppose Fiverr wants to make sure that buyers looking for unique service get more experienced Fiverr sellers.

Thanks for replying! This was very helpful! :smiley:

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