[BUG] 0% Gig Rating


Today I was just checking my gigs, and saw one of my gigs reads 0% rating, The gig never received negative feedback but still it showed 0%, Although my overall rating was still 100%. I left the message to fiverr support regarding the same and they fixed it up for me.

So just keep checking your gigs from time to time.


Interestingly, it only show as unrated in your profile. When I click it, you have the one positive feedback and are 100% rated.


This is a bug ive seen on a lot of peoples gigs (including mine) lately… just contact customer support, and they’ll fix it for ya :smiley:


I too had the problem before 2 days and now it is fixed


Reply to @anarchofighter: Really my profile showed unrated ?


Reply to @caiterz: yes it is fixed now :slight_smile:


And look, you are not alone :slight_smile:



Yes, please see.


What’s happening, Fiverr?


I check mine atleast 10 times a day- nothing like this has happened yet…fingers crossed!


Reply to @anarchofighter: its showing me 100% , probably it happens temporarily for some times.




Yeah I had to have my issue fixed when @caiterz pointed it out on her profile.


I had that happen on one of mine too. Fiverr support fixed it right up though.