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Bug alert on "Online" status

I’m online but the green light is off. I refresh the page but is still off. I have shut down and restart. Nothing happened. My green light is off, but there’s a “Online” label on my profile. It’s like Schrödinger’s cat lol
Do you think that something is not well on the system?

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*Try to update the app to the latest version.
*Force stop the app, then run it again.
*Restart your smartphone .

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Thanks for your help! Is it related to Fiverr app? I doubt this app too…

Check in your settings that you have a status “showing online” enabled

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I’ve already check that :slight_smile: There’s no problem on my setting :slight_smile:

What’s it the smartphone you have?
What’s it your android version?

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This is an ongoing intermittent problem affecting everyone.


I’m using Iphone :slight_smile: Thanks