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Bug: Automatically flagged messages don't show message content


I had a message from a buyer that was automatically flagged as spam. In the left pane of the inbox it only shows 5 words and a couple of letters from the 6th word so it wasn’t clear if it was spam. Just in case I unflagged to say not spam so I could check it and reply if necessary.

After clicking the message it doesn’t show the full message. It just shows (in Chrome), what looks like Fiverr’s message, ie. “Say hello to x, tell the everything they need to know about your project”. That wasn’t what was shown in the short preview of the message on the preview pane. There’s no way to see what the message actually was.


I had that some time ago, using Chrome as well, I think I could see the full message in the app, though, when I checked, maybe try that as a workaround until the bug might get fixed.