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Bug bounty Program


Fiverr have any bug bounty program ? i just found a critical bug in Fiverr which may affect all users of fiverr.?


We know about many of them already.


I mean Critical Which may risk users to lost their accounts ! can be used to steal fiverr login


You should go to Customer Support (clickable link) right away with that rather than posting on the forum. They´ll probably know if there´s a bounty to be had as well better than forum users, if that´s your main concern.


i know that just asked to know if they have bounty program


We already know that the one related to “time to change your password” it was a XSS (Cross Site Script) which has been successfully removed right now!
Fiverr has very fast and reliable team to handle such issues very effectively.


Yes, I get $5 every time I tell them the Forum is broken.
I have retired with my total amount of $24,532,650 earned this year.


Well, I told them about some typos on their site once and didn´t get anything, but then I didn´t ask for anything either, just wanted fiverr to have less typos, as I´m part of it, you know :wink: But ask them, they should know.


lol if that was true and you weren´t the only one telling them they have the bankruptcy trustee in-house already :wink:


Dude, just report it to Fiverr already. You’re achieving nothing here by droning on about a bounty that you, only you, have found. Are you a shit bounty hunter? Because that’s what you sound like.

Better get to it kiddo–site’s going down for maintenance in a few hours, and then your bounty won’t be available anymore as it might be fixed?

See? Shit bounty hunter.


If I had a dollar for everytime I found a bug on this site I would be living in an ocean-view beach house in Hawaii


How do you feel about the forum now?