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Bug buyer requests

I have an issue with the buyer requests because I can’t see any requests of today and of the previous days. Until yesterday I saw all the requests.
I’d like to know the reason. I didn’t receive any help from the customer support. My gigs are all still active.
Do you have the same issue?


Here’s some info for you:


I’m afraid that this issue has been provoked from my demotion of the level. This is unacceptable because in this way I can’t promuove my gigs anymore.

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You could try promoting your gigs off-Fiverr? :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought to use other web sites. Fiverr doesn’t support the sellers

You’re welcome! :sunny:

Which categories your gigs fall in? It’s all about diversity of your gigs. Obviously because Fiverr is going to show you offers about the work you claim to do. In fact, I had around 20 buyer requests there and as soon as I created a gig with Fun and Lifestyle > Others category, they skyrocketed to over 100. I found out that 83 of the total requests were for ‘Other’ category. If you look at the top right of buyer requests page, there’s a filter that can enlist requests based on specific categories and those categories are gonna be those of your own gigs.
In a nutshell, more categories, more requests.

Illustration and virtual assistant. I have this issue when my level today has been removed. It’s ridiculous! I have all the gigs active but fiverr has restricted my buyer requests :frowning:

Oh, I got it. I’ve been through the same situation. First thing you should do is to not give up. When it happened to me, I said to myself you have two ways now. Stay demoted and be a coward or do your best and reclaim your level. I chose the latter option and gave myself a 60-day challenge. I’m on my way to get back again. :wink: Secondly, to increase the Buyer Requests, I suggest you to create gigs with variety of categories. Keep calm, be firm and stay active. It’ll increase automatically.

This is the kidding my buyer requests showing only 2 request since last Friday, Some time it’s only same request every time. So that the our fate here :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I got it, I’m so sorry but I think we can’t do anything. Damned monthly evalutation! They have ruined my business

I have the same problem, and the customer support don’t help the sellers

Hi,i never used to sent BR,mine is showing something about 1434 actives post

This appears to be intentional to give buyers responses from various levels. Good luck!

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