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BUG Buyer Requests!

Hello to you dear members. I don’t understand why my buyer requests section is still empty. This prevents me from making sales because the requests appear 1 time out of 4. Is this a bug? How can I get more of them?
Please help me. However sometimes when the requests appear it is only about websites, so how could I change that? how to extend my proposed requests with other services such as design?
Help me please.
Best regards.



I see from your profile that you are a new seller. Buyer requests won’t always appear, it’s normal. The more you get sales and positive reviews, the more you’ll see them appearing on that section. It takes time.

I also see from your profile that you only have one gig for redesigning websites, that’s why you only see requests about websites, they depend on the category of your gigs. If you want to see offers about design, you should create a gig for design. Again, you won’t start seeing requests immediately, it will take time.


Actually you can contact support center

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