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[BUG] Can't find message

I was messaging my customer but I don’t see any message that I sent and the same thing happend to the buyer as well. My buyer was saying “I saw your message popped up but can’t find it anywhere”.

That’s true, that’s exactly what happening to me.


Anyone else facing this issue?


I can’t reply. I send then it disappears. Tried both web and app. Also custom offers not going thru.

Not just custom offer, any message I sent getting disappeared but it’s sending notification to the other side.

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It might be a problem with Fiverr :thinking::thinking::thinking:
I’m thinking that’s why we are not getting any orders too :open_mouth:

Order delivery is broke too! Delivered and order, marked as delivered, yet no delivery message or product.

Yes there is a problem right now, it is happening for me too now!

My fear is buyer may think I am scamming them as the order was closed, yet there is no delivery attached. No message, nothing. I have sent a CS message.

Just tell your buyer about the problem, they will definitely understand.

My buyer emailed me directly but I refused and said it’s against Fiverr TOS, so we’d communicate here.

How, I can’t messages as the message system is broke.

These days there is some problems in FIVERR guess :thinking::thinking:

The same problem. Everything broke

A message I sent 30 minutes ago, just appeared. Maybe it is just really slow and will catch up.

Same issue…

The system is malfunctioning but the message is still going through. You buyer will still get the message in notification but mightn’t appear, that’s the issue.

same problem need fix asap

CS’s reply;

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. We’re aware of this issue on our end and our Tech Team is working on fixing it as we speak. I will update you as soon as the issue is resolved in this same ticket request.

Thank you for your patience and we do apologize for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the update!

Good update… Thanks for the info!

I can’t login!!!

facing the same issue since 10 minutes