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Bug: Delivery time bug

Once user selects the fast delivery option then the additional delivery time for the other add-ons are not accounted for while calculating the total delivery time.

For example:
Actual delivery time in package: 10hrs

Add ons:

  1. Fast delivery: 2 hr delivery
  2. Additional task1: 5 hrs

Final delivery time: 2hr

But the expected is 2 hr(Add-on1: Fast delivery of service) + 5 hr(Add-on2: Additional task) =7 hr

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I would imagine that if a buyer wants extra-fast delivery, that is honored above all else (unless an actual order extension is mutally processed). Otherwise, the buyer would be purchasing extra-fast delivery, and the cost of that purchase choice would not be honored within the order. Sellers do have to deliver according to the terms of the order.

But the fast delivery is for the actual base package, not for the add-on extra work.
Secondly,while selecting a gig you see the fast delivery option on the package but the extra add-on work is added on the next screen(where we see that “+6 days” or whatever is set for the extra work). This is really confusing.